How To Find The Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

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DateNov 27, 2022

The right domain name will help people remember your website address, which in turn helps them find you online. It also gives you an opportunity to build brand recognition and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Start with a keyword

A good domain name should reflect what your business does. If you’re selling products, then your domain name should contain words related to your product line. If you sell services, then your domain name might focus on your service offerings. You should also avoid using common misspellings or slang in your domain name, as this can make it difficult for customers to find your website.

Choose a.com or.net extension

You can register any.com or.net domain name for free with Ascension Hosting. However, there’s an added benefit to registering a.com or.net extension. These extensions allow you to use the same domain name across multiple platforms, such as websites, email addresses, social media profiles, etc.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

If you’re looking for a short, memorable domain name, avoid using hyphens (–) or numbers in your domain name. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that sounds like a word.

Don’t use generic terms like “business” or “services”

You should also avoid using words that sound too similar to other popular domains. For example, if you own a website called “mybusinessname.com”, you might consider buying another domain name with a different spelling, such as “mybusinessnamesucks.com.” However, if you’re selling a product that is not well known, you might want to use a more generic term in your domain name.

Be creative!

If you’re having trouble coming up with a good domain name, try brainstorming ideas with friends and family. Or, use a service like Namecheap’s or use our Domain Search Tool to find available domain names. One way to brainstorm domain name ideas is to think of puns or wordplay related to your business or niche.

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